What Is Direct Access?

You can now come directly to us for your Physical Therapy needs!

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) defines direct access as the right of an individual to obtain treatment from a licensed physical therapist where and when he or she may choose. This means that you can see a Physical Therapist directly without a prescription from a physician. With Direct Access, a licensed Physical Therapist is able to perform an evaluation consult and treat directly when a condition is within the scope of practice.

In the case of a significant injury we may refer you to your Primary Care Physician so that we may work together to better treat you.

Please note: some health insurance companies require a referral in order for your provider to be paid. Please confirm your benefit requirements by reviewing your coverage documents or calling member services of your respective insurance company.

Print out the card below for a free 20 minute consult!

What is accomplished in the consult?

  • You will speak with a Therapist
  • Discuss your injury and treatment possibilities
  • Description of our treatment facilities
  • If applicable we will schedule further appointments

What is the difference between a Consultation and an Evaluation?

  • A consultation allows us to learn more about your injury and understand how you may benefit from Physical Therapy or if it is something you could treat at home
  • An Evaluation follows the Consult if Physical Therapy is deemed necessary and helpful. The Evaluation is used to fully understand your injury and form a plan of care

What if my injury needs further attention than PT?

  • During the initial consult we will decide if Physical Therapy is the best mode of treatment. In this meeting we may decide that your injury needs more attention before beginning a Physical Therapy program. If this is the case: we may suggest an appropriate doctor for you or ask that you see your Primary Care Provider
  • If you’ve met the maximum allotted Direct Access Treatment time (12 visits or 45 days) and your injury still needs more care will suggest an appropriate doctor for you or ask that you see your Primary Care Provider who may refer you for diagnostic testing or refer you back for further Physical Therapy treatment

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