Measurement Driven Rehabilitation Systems, Inc.

Measurement Driven Rehabilitation Systems is the parent management company of Spine and Sport and Rehabilitation, a private physical therapy company. The founders envisioned a network of clinics dedicated to personalized, measurable, active based, patient-centered care for orthopaedic, sports and work-related injuries. From the beginning, our guiding mission has been to improve the quality of patients’ lives by treating the whole person, not just the injury.

The company recruited well-trained licensed therapists who shared this vision and whose experience and knowledge would result in exceptional treatment outcomes. This combination proved effective, and the company quickly grew to include nine clinics offering comprehensive programs, including hand and upper-extremity, aquatic therapy, and functional capacity evaluations.

Our success during the past decade has been built on our solid partnerships with customers–patients, physicians, employers and insurance companies. We understand the needs of each and work hard to fulfill them. We are committed to exceptional customer service and measurable outcomes.

Spine & Sport utilizes a sports medicine approach to patient care. We focus on increased, lasting function, patient independence and enhanced outcomes.

Our licensed therapists are extensively trained and experienced in the most current therapeutic, standardized protocols and techniques for the management of spine and extremity problems. It is our philosophy to use objective, measurable, evidence-based methods which favor patient education and exercise over passive modalities.

There are a variety of treatment options for acute and chronic conditions as well as pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation strategies. A self-treatment program will be developed individually for the patient, based upon the examination findings and the patient’s specific functional needs. Relief of pain utilizing the patient’s own movements (directional preference) and postures will be the primary focus of the early program. Medically driven exercise will help to increase strength and function as well as decrease pain, which may be integrated with manual therapy in order to supplement the home exercise program.

This type of patient-centered care enables the treatment team to help improve the patient’s life by restoring available function, improving activities of daily living, and returning to work, hobbies and recreational activities.

We welcome you to Spine & Sport where our team’s focus is restoring and improving your quality of life!

We offer patient-centered care delivered by licensed physical and occupational therapists at 14 locations throughout San Diego County, Temecula, Riverside County, Northern California and Idaho. We accept most insurance plans – Medicare, PPOs, and workers compensation. Because we are a Medicare-certified health care company, you may be assured that we comply with all local, state and Federal standards and regulations.

Our centralized appointments coordinator will arrange an evaluation at one of our 7 community-based clinics, near your home or work, usually within 48 hours of your physician’s referral. We will also verify your insurance benefits.